August 28



This week we went swimming and learnt lots about it. We had 6 groups and I was in group 4.

On Monday we had an assessment to choose what group we were in.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we practised our swimming strokes that were freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and survival backstroke.

On Friday we had a fun day, which has 2 activities. The first one was a jumping castle kind of thing that is in the water and you have to try and get over the obstacles. The second activity was a calm zone where there was balls and noodles and kick boards so that we could play with them.

I really liked swimming because it was fun and I was very good at it.


August 7

Alliteration Poem

My Alliteration Poem

🙂 🙂 🙂 Today we made our own alliteration poems and published it. I really liked my work on alliteration poems because i developed lots of skills. In this session I learnt how to draw things related to the poem,write words that all start with the same letters. my alliteration poem was with the letter D.