June 9



A horse is an animal that lives in most grass areas. Horses lifetimes are different the Old Billy Horse lives for about 62 years and domestic Horses live for about 25 years.

Types of Horses

There are over 350 types of horses.These are some of them American Paint Horse, Arabian Horse, Akhal-Teke, Thoroughbred and Andalusian Horse. Different types of horses have different lifetimes but most of the horses lived for 25-30 years.


Horses eat 5 varieties of foods, they are apples, carrots, hay, grains and grass.Apples and carrots are like a treat for horses they love them even today. Horses like to eat apples because they have sugar in them and apples are good for horses.

When Horses came to Australia

Horses were first introduced to Australia when the First Fleet arrived in 1788. since then horses have been in Australia. Horses aren’t native to Australia but we ride horses all the including in the Melbourne Cup.

We use horses in everyday life but we just don’t realise. Horses are very important and I love them



June 8


Yesterday we had a WOW day all about ANZAC Day. We got into 3 groups and I was in group 2. We had three activities.

They were

1. Making poppies out of cellophane and serviettes.

2. Making slouch hats out of paper

3. Making yummy ANZAC Biscuits (they were delicious, seriously)


June 3

MY Anzac Inquiry Questions

This term we are learning about ANZAC day. Today we are asking open and closed questions so that we can find out more about ANZAC Day. Here are my questions:

What countries fought in the first world war?

Why do we even have world wars?

How long did the first world war go on for?

where was the first world war?

How many people got killed in the first world war?

These are the questions that I will be reaserching for the term

June 3


         I AM POEM

I am crazy and cute,

I wonder if I will be a horse rider,

I hear my family calling,

I can see my family enjoying,

I want to be a horse rider,

I am crazy and cute,

 I pretend I’m with my dog,

I feel that we are going to have a good year,

I touch myself as a baby,

I worry about my dog,

I cry when I miss people,

I am crazy and cute,

I understand my life,

I say that God is real,

I dream that my dog and me are playing,

I try not to fight with my friend,

I hope my dream comes true,

I am crazy and cute,